One more again

Going back again because reasons

I’ve been on vacation the last couple of weeks, which means that I’ve had some time to think about things. Like NATSECTACULAR, and what I want it to be. So…once again, and for the last time, I swear.

For reals.

I’m firing this up from Substack, and away from Revue.

But then you’ve heard that before. And I’m not going to spend a lot of time talking about this thing, in the hopes that I’ll spend more time actually doing this thing. Which means some things are coming, like a podcast, merch, and the like.

Some of this is driven by tech: I use a couple of tools to make this thing work each day, and some of that tech is making it easier to do an editorial/links-based newsletter via Substack.

Some of this is driven by Substack itself, which is building a platform, not just a newsletter tool. And that’s something I care a lot about as someone who does words good sometimes.

So anyway, stay tuned to this page, and we’ll see you again on Monday.