Is that how appropriation works?

Another shortened look at all things war today. Regular programming should resume shortly. Oh. And it’s Wednesday. So.

Camels are the worst.

Here’s what happened in national security that you should probably know.

  • China’s got a new “loyal wingman” drone that can also be kitted out for one-way suicide missions, because Beijing appropriates Japanese culture even worse than Jon Gosselin.

  • The Indians are getting some Apaches and yes I get how terrible that sentence sounds because that’s how appropriation works if you’re the Indian Air Force. They took delivery of eight of the 22 they bought from the US, even though they like to get their boomsticks from Moscow, too.

  • Iran has admitted that yes the images were right and they lost a rocket on the launchpad again. They blamed a technical malfunction. Which is the same reason they’ll give for when a few rocket scientists’ cars blow up.

  • Former Secretary of Defense and current guy who just needs to get laid James Mattis is worried that boots will knock boots now that vaginas are in the barracks. I love me some Mattis, but this feels like a guy who watches MASH and throws empty Scotch bottles at the screen every time Hawkeye hits that with a nurse.

  • Woody goes full Randy Newman in changing his mind about Space Force in Toy Story 5: Buzz Lightyear Gets His Own Combatant Command, as the USAF is headed into the muddled blue yonder as it tries to figure out what to do with its new baby brother and his rockets.