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Worst. Craigslist. Ad. Ever.

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Bet they were briefs right there at the end

Probably heard by now that Delta went full Delta on Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, former ISIS leader and super shitty Harry Potter cosplayer.

Remember when your dad swore he would turn the car around if you didn’t stop fighting in the backseat? As the leading candidate for World’s Worst Dad, Baghdadi opted to go out with a bang, along with three of his children.

And a whimper, if Trump is to be believed.

SPOILER: he should not be. About anything.

This gets creepy at about the :28 mark.

Since the body was all blown up, verification had to come via DNA.

Somewhere there’s a Damascus Craigslist ad that is creepy as hell.

Hey, one man’s fetish is another man’s terrorist identification.

Also, there was a very good dog involved.

Dear Mr. President: do us all a favor and try to grab this one by the pussy.

And because Trump’s gotta Trump, he called the Russians before Congress to let his pee boy Putin know about the raid, per House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

"The House must be briefed on this raid, which the Russians but not top congressional leadership were notified of in advance, and on the administration's overall strategy in the region. Our military and allies deserve strong, smart and strategic leadership from Washington."

Afghans: Still Bulletproof

I used to have this Tumblr showing American troops hanging out with their Afghan counterparts. Called it Bulletproof Afghans. Lots of pictures like this: US soldiers all geared up while their Allies were bebopping around in just their uniforms. This is from this month so it’s still happening and I still think it’s funny.

Relationship Status: Kurdled

Speaking of those allies, hey-o Kurds!

#LifeGoa: find someone who looks at you the way the Kurds look at the United States.

Someone who no matter how many times you let them down, they keep coming back.

And if you keep letting them down, quit that. Stop being an asshole. Seriously.

Because no one should be in a codependent relationship as bad as this.

Here’s the tl;dr GIF on the US/Kurdish relationship.

Asked about Trump’s comment that Turkey had to ‘clean out’ the border area northeast Syria, Ahmed said it seemed as if the American president was endorsing ethnic cleansing.

In spite of this, Ahmed said the SDF is still willing to cooperate with the U.S. on future counter-terror operations. She called on the Trump administration to stop Turkey’s invasion from going any further, and to use what leverage it has to get Turkey-backed rebel forces out of northeast Syria.

Hard to believe that this was published just a couple of years ago.

Why, the Kurds asked, would Washington oppose their inalienable right to self-determination, one that Americans themselves once exercised, after they proved themselves to be Washington’s steadfast allies in Iraq after 2003, especially in the fight against ISIS? And why had America led them to believe they were on the path to independence, only to chastise them when they expressed this deepest aspiration?

Not sure if being allied while brown is a crime to the Americans, but it sure seems that way. Of course the world’s first elected sentient bag of Cheetos seems prepared to go after everyone who’d like to think of us as a friend. But especially the one who don’t do the English so good.

Microsoft? More like MicroSatan

That is not a good headline.

Turns out Bill Gates and Co. are pretty OK with funding things like public surveillance, even though they publicly are opposed to using things like facial recognition tech to infringe on people’s civil rights.

In a December 2018 blog post, Microsoft President Brad Smith said, “We need to be clear-eyed about the risks and potential for abuse” and called for government regulation of facial-recognition technology. He noted that it can “lead to new intrusions into people’s privacy” and that when used by a government for mass surveillance can “encroach on democratic freedoms.”

AnyVision, funded by Microsoft, does not get blogs, and has used its software to help the Israelis keep all the eyes on the Palestinians in the West Bank.

According to five sources familiar with the matter, AnyVision’s technology powers a secret military surveillance project throughout the West Bank. One source said the project is nicknamed "Google Ayosh," where "Ayosh" means occupied Palestinian territories and "Google" denotes the technology’s ability to search for people.

If you’re not the tip, you’re the shaft

From The Unit to SEAL Team what we see on the small screen is only the super cool guys with the Gucci kit taking down the bad guys. And if we see the support element it’s someone buried in a bunker somewhere monitoring a bank of high-tech screens. We never see the rest of the support element for special operations, people like Sgt. First Class Jeffery M. Dawson from the 28th Ordnance Company, an EOD unit that does bomb disposal exclusively fro the Rangers.

Dawson and his company offer a case study illustrating how Army explosive-ordnance disposal, or E.O.D., soldiers have been increasingly relied on to accompany American Special Operations forces on the front lines but continue to suffer from a lack of training, equipment and manpower.

It’s been said that special operators aren’t special people, they just have a special job. With that comes a lot of special requirements, many of them medical. And for folks directly part of the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) like the Delta kids, that means a whole network of doctors and specialists to make sure they’re fit to fight.

But for people like SFC Dawson no such special treatment exists. Even though the 28th, undermanned and underequipped, is absolutely critical to the success of Ranger missions in places like Afghanistan. And, by extension, the missions of the CIA’s Ground Branch, which relies on the Rangers to provide security with the OGA does its OGA thing.

The forever war and the political reluctance to go to war the way we used to (Remember that time we leveled Dresden? Or burned Toky? Yeah, man. Good…no…GREAT war. The greatest, in fact.) means a continued over-reliance on special operations and their smaller footprint in places where the US continues to shoot people in the face.

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