Does anyone notice when Trump pulls out?

And why you shouldn't hold your breath on that Delta book about the al-Baghdadi raid

Going with some bullets instead of the grafs today. Shoot me a line if you like it, hate, or just want to tell me how awesome this thing is. Expect some workshopping in coming weeks because I’m still finding the “voice” of this thing and super committed to just “shipping” the damn thing even if as I’m doing right now I’m wincing as I hit “publish.”

  • If you’re a non-naturalized veteran and you beat your spouse or shoot up a car, and you get busted in the United States, you’re likely to end up back in your country of origin, something one advocate calls a “life sentence.” Not sure about comparing someone’s home country to prison is the direction I’d take that, but I figure if you’ve served in uniform, and you’ve done time in the US, that probably wraps that up.

  • Someone in Congress wants to help the Kurds who helped the US fight ISIS in Syria by making them eligible for special immigration visas. Hey Kurds, this visa puts you everywhere you want to be, so long as you don’t want to be in Syria.

  • Just like George Lucas had a hard time explaining Jar Jar Binks, the DoD is having a hard time explaining what the hell its Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) $10 billion cloud contract just awarded to Microsoft actually does. Further clouding (sorry not sorry) the issue is that at some point Trump wanted to fuck Amazon, the leading bidder, because of The Washington Post and that publication’s propensity for printing facts about the president. Any guesses how many times someone in Congress asked the Pentagon what would happen to their computers if it rained?

  • The Pentagon is loving them those McDonald’s procurement practices, because the Golden Arches is “very good at managing and acquiring goods and services by category,” so do you want fries with that F-35, ma’am? Fun bit in this story: the DoD had 22 different contracts for 2 x 4s, some of them with the same vendor.

  • Because everyone needs a participation trophy, the USAF is introducing the Remote Combat Effects Campaign Medal so that the IT guy at Creech who updated the Predator software has something to talk about over beers at the next DroneCon, which is probably not a thing.

  • Heritage Foundation just released the 2020 version of its Index of Military Strength, and they gave the military pretty good grades overall, but warned that the US should only fight one big war at a time, instead of two. Because we need more think tanks to explain how trying to keep two wars going at the same time is bad, which is pretty much all the life lessons we can derive from Gone With The Wind, Sweet Home Alabama, and Spider-Man.

  • Because the “D” in “Delta Force” stands for “Don’t want the credit,” it’s unlikely there will be a book tour from the commandos that chased al-Baghdadi into that tunnel. Which is a nice change of pace after bin Laden, capped by the SEALs, because the “S” stands for “Send me that advance and please join my training course.” Hey! Remember that time when Jim Jeffries outshot Rob O’Neill at the range? No? Here ya go, then.

  • The DoD wants everyone to know that the timing of the al-Baghdadi raid had nothing to do with Trump’s pulling out of Syria. Probably not the first time Trump pulling out had no affect whatsoever.

    Looks like the Zillow listing has gone to shit, though.