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Oh hey, hi.

I’m the artist fka ElSnarkistani on Twitter.

I used to run a blog about Afghanistan: Sunny In Kabul.

I’ve written some other things, too, for other people.

Again, mostly about Afghanistan.

If you’d like an idea how good/bad this can be, here are a few links to get you started:

  • Why Women Shouldn’t Be In Combat: A Long-Form Dick Joke I do, in fact, think women should be able to serve in combat arms. The author of the article I responded to? Thought otherwise. I think we’re banned for life from War on the Rocks for that one.

  • The AR-15: America’s Boner I don’t just do dick jokes, but I was having a moment thinking about Viagra and priapism and how we keep wanting this thing around that just makes it super easy to murder people and after a while (like an erection that won’t go away) maybe it’s time to think about something else?

  • Helpfully White: Nicholas Kristoff And The Sultana Interview I haven’t done one of these in a while, just because they feel like fish in a barrel, but this was one of those talking-head pieces on a place I know a little bit about, and it upset me that a “smart” person would write it. So I had thought.

I have zero expertise, but a lot of years sitting in the cheap seats in places where the United States has felt compelled to go full overbearing uncle that keeps giving you candy you don’t want at Thanksgiving.

Plus, I think dumb shit is dumb, and feel compelled to say so.

So get yours.

Do you have a point?

It’s a daily/semi-regular/weekly/something look at war from the cheap seats because I don’t know how else to deal with the abject horror that is the global military-industrial complex. That we as humans have devolved to the point that we have to pour untold billions of dollars into new and exciting ways to make other humans dead is something I personally find deeply troubling.

What is absurd and monstrous about war is that men who have no personal quarrel should be trained to murder one another in cold blood. — Aldous Huxley

And because I am a little man incapable of processing such things, I make jokes.

About the machinery of war.

About that thing which will always be red in tooth and claw.

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Because you won’t get this anywhere else, which you could also say about Mongolian throat singing, psychedelic tree frogs, and brain-eating parasites.

But let’s forget about the Kardashians for a second and talk about what’s here, which is the best national security snark you’re going to find this side of a Jake Tapper taping.

Every weekday you’ll get a look at the day’s top national security stories with a heaping take of snarktastic analysis. And GIFs.

And by “top stories,” I mean stories I figure I could talk about without embarrassing myself. Or the ones that were shiny enough to make the cut that day.

But seriously, why?

Which is the easiest answer.

That and keeping the bills paid.

Because I like to spend my time doing things that are worthwhile, and until we all enjoy a Universal Basic Income, well, “worthwhile,” means “things that keep the lights on.”

Got any free stuff?

Sure. I’ll post free stuff. But the daily analysis?

That’s worth dropping some coin on.

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